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Dirty Little Secrets: Breaking the Silence On Teenage Girls and Promiscuity

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Dirty Little Secrets: Breaking the Silence On Teenage Girls and Promiscuity

Kerry Cohen on AM Northwest

Breaking the Silence On Teenage Girls and PromiscuityRelease date: September 1stThey have sex too early and for the wrong reasons.
They get STDs. They get pregnant too young.
They have “friends with benefits” but with no benefit to themselves.
They don’t get called. They get dumped.
They hate themselves for being unlovable, for being needy.
They are loose girls, and they are everywhere.
And they need our help.

In the provocative hit memoir Loose Girl, Kerry Cohen explored her own promiscuity with brutal candor and stunning clarity. Dirty Little Secrets is the eye-opening follow-up readers have been clamoring for, a riveting look at today’s adolescent girls who use sex as a means to prove their worth. Cohen lays bare the hard truths about this dangerous life that reveals itself in girls you wouldn’t expect and in ways you might not see – and that can seriously damage and hurt these girls. Featuring stories from self-admitted loose girls across the country, Dirty Little Secrets is an unforgettable wake-up call for our culture, ourselves, and our vulnerable daughters.

Reviews for Dirty Little Secrets:

“Very few people can write about teen girl’s sexual promiscuity with the candor, empathy, and intelligence Kerry Cohen does. She did it first with Loose Girl, when she looked back on her own experiences. Now, in Dirty Little Secrets, she expands her focus to challenge all of us to get beyond our own discomforts and judgments and look at the powerful reasons girls so often value their self-worth based on their ability to be sexually “seen” by others. I think any girl who reads this will recognize at least one girl she knows–as that girl may be looking back at her in the mirror.”

–Rosalind Wiseman, NYT bestselling author of QUEEN BEES AND WANNABES


“As compassionate as it is enlightening, Kerry Cohen’s Dirty Little Secrets argues for female safety and desire, and provides a road map for authentically healthy, vital sexuality.”

—Jennifer Baumgardner, author of Look Both Ways, F ‘Em and Manifesta.


“Cohen’s book is a must read for it sheds light on the truth behind the secrets and lies teens tell themselves. It exposes that a teen’s “love of sex” may just be the opposite– “a fear of rejection. Women of all ages can relate and benefit from this book — I can’t recommend it enough. Dirty Little Secrets is urgently needed.”

— Amber Smith, model and star on Dr Drew Pinksy’s Celebrity Rehab and Celebrity Sex Rehab.


“So much of what is written about teens and sex is either frantically alarmist or needlessly titillating. Dirty Little Secrets is different – with compassion and insight, it takes us into the misunderstood and underexplored world of teen girls and promiscuity. Once a “loose girl” herself, Kerry Cohen has “been there” – and it shows in her empathy, her insight, and her remarkable ability to draw out the truth. Dirty Little Secrets busts the myths, breaks down walls, and takes us where we need to go to understand the private lives of so many young women today.”

— Hugo Schwyzer, PhD, women’s studies professor and co-author, “Beauty, Disrupted: the Carré Otis Story” (HarperCollins 2011)